Friday, January 22, 2010

Matt Haskell's E36 318ti 5.0 build (with Cali emissions!)

Matt Haskell is a guy who completed his E36 5.0 swap before I did. He did a great job, and had to jump through extra hoops to get his car emissions certified in CA. Here's his build thread, which you guys may not have seen because Bimmerforums does not allow links to competitive sites:

Tommy's E30 347 build

Tommy is the second person to get my E30 5.0 mounts. Once we're 100% sure Brad's mounts fit, I will be sending him a pair. He's building a monster - a stripped down E30 with a 347 with a carb, I believe. He's documenting his build here:

Brad's E30 5.0 Build

I have been working with Brad, pioneering the E30 5.0 swap. He is documenting his swap over at Here's the link:

Welcome to the E36V8 and E30 V8 blog

Folks, the spammers overwhelmed me on the message board, so I deleted it. Too much pain in the ass. Sorry about all that. I figure there are lots of message boards out there on this stuff, like Bimmerforums, E30tech, and others.

I've replaced the boards with a blog, where I can showcase the badass cars you guys are building and post other important info. You can add it to your RSS feed, or I think you can even have it emailed to you. I promise not to fill up your inbox with dumb stuff, but I will do a separate blog post for each persons car. That way, you can easily look in the sidebar and find someone's car.