Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gene's E36 5.0 is DONE! Plus, his exhaust pics!

Well folks, this is a happy day for me, as Gene has his car on the road now. Here's a few pics when he was getting his exhaust done.

Folks, this has got to be the simplest, easiest, cheapest setup. Just drop the motor in and tell your exhaust guy to finish it like this. You could probably run the E30 exhaust just like this.

If you remember, Gene's build has the Trick flow package, so he's probably pushing about 300-350 rwhp, near LS1 power! He hopes to do some testing and tuning at Watkins Glen racetrack in about a week. Kick ass!!!

update 5/26/10: Gene emailed me the following:
I am told by the engine builder that rear wheel HP should exceed 400HP with the set-up I have. From the little I've driven it so far, I can tell you it has INCREDIBLE power and acceleration like I've never experienced!!! Hope to dyno it this season. If all goes well I hope to take some on track videos at the Glen and send them on to you. As a SCCA racer and track instructor I hope to have this beast on the track more than a few times this year. Now the rest of the car has to be brought up to the performance of the engine. While I upgraded the front suspension during the build I will gradually be upgrading rear suspension and brake system, interior, paint, etc depending on how the funds hold out.
I still don't understand why your build has not taken off like the LS1 conversions. While this has not exactly been an easy weekend project(I estimate about 350-400 hours so far), it certainly doable with persistence and certain mechical skills. Maybe my build will encourage more interest. I will be more than happy to share what I have learned. Thanks for all your development and engineering work, and your encouragement. Keep in touch. Regards, Gene

Monday, May 3, 2010

The fastest way to a BMW E36 V8: Buy my car!!!

Hey folks, I am selling my car to make way for a new project. This is the fast way to get a v8 E36 without putting in the hours of work! I would like to see someone else to take this car in a new direction (turbo/heads/supercharger/strip it down/race it) Here's the details:

- BMW 1996 328i - converted to 350i
- Ford 5.0 (302) engine from a '91 Mustang in great condition
- T5 manual transmission
- stock 3.90 rear end
- Full mandrel bent single 3" exhaust w/ high flow cat and summit turbo muffler
- Engine mods: Explorer intake & throttle body, K&N filter, underdrive pulleys, aftermarket headers (1 5/8 primaries), 3" custom single exhaust.
- Suspension: Brand new H&R sport springs and Koni single adjustable shocks, M3 strut hats (offset for more caster), polyurethane rear trailing arm bushings
- Wheels/tires are staggered M3 with Michelin Pilot sports. Tires are not bald, but they could probably use replacing soon.
- New brake pads on front
- Car is very clean with no accidents, approximately 195k on chassis
- White exterior/black leather interior
- Car works great with a few thousand miles on it
- Tinted windows
- Clear corner and sidelights
- Issues: A/C is not connected, chip in windshield, one tire loses air, and I haven't corrected the tach: To correct tach, just install this: http://www.summitracing.com/parts/DAK-SGI-8/
- Car is located in Columbus, GA
- Total weight is forthcoming
- The car comes with a free conversion manual to document everything
- Price: $8,900 or best offer

Why I'm selling: I enjoy building things more than driving them. I know it's weird, blame it on my ADD :) Here's some projects I'm considering:
- A BMW E30 5.0 with Explorer motor and a carb (basically a go-kart)
- 4wd 2nd generation 4Runner - possible 5.0 swap, maybe chop the back off
- '48-54 Chevy pickup Rat Rod - slammed & rusty with a fuel injected 350 and torq-thrust wheels

The car is sorted and reliable. There's no reason why you couldn't drive it home. I have filmed a few videos where the car was driven hard, but most of the miles on it since the swap are easy miles, cruisin' around town with the V8 rumblin'. More pics and details are available, just email me at 65matt@gmail.com