Thursday, January 6, 2011

Some good deals on E30's and sick motor setups

A few people have emailed me about some stuff for sale:

Jeff is selling an E30 and TT302 setup:
Simply inquiring if anyone you know would be interested. If you give me a number i can send photos of the motor assembled, the FR T5, and all the other mounds of shit I have for the swap. I just got a new house and cannot afford to spend time on this car. 87 325e in great shape minus a small rust spot under drivers door... 87 302 rebuilt last year with 38.5k on rebuild, twin garrett T04Rs, 76MM garret single ( for optional single turbo setup) HUGE Fmic, zoom clutch, your motor mounts and trans prototype ( thank you so much for being kind enough to send it). The engine has TFlow track heat intake, FR injectors, FR MAF, new water pump, a pair of T04 manifolds on it wth the T04s bolted to it. Text me or call me if you are interested in seeing any of these pics i have on my phone.

Contact Jeff at six three six 328 5476

Tommy is selling his E30:
I'm needing to sell my E30. I'm moving in the next few months and will only be able to take my Miata along, so the V8 I've built up will be going into that instead. Would you want to pick up the E30 pretty cheap (less than $1000)? Comes with my prototype trans mount. ;) If you have any interest in it at all, lemme know.

Contact Tommy at seven seven oh 778-2638