Monday, February 28, 2011

Temporarily out of stock - motor mounts

Sorry, Im currently out of motor mounts, I should have more in a few weeks, bear with me

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Announcement: E30 V8 beast in the works

Many of you have reminded me to get off my ass and write the E30 V8 swap manual.

Tonight, I have started plans for a E30 V8 car. Here's the details:

- 1988 325is coupe, stock suspension and brakes (for now)
- 3.73 LS rear end
- 5.0 with carb, GT40 Explorer heads and headers
- C4 automatic transmission

I'll post pics of my progress on here and document everything fully for the manual.

The C4 automatic and carb will make the swap alot simpler and cheaper, which goes perfectly with the E30, I think. It will also give people a wider variety of options. When I finish the E30 swap manual, I'll include the E36 swap manual on the CD too.

I might even paint the thing flat black. :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Im still here

Well, after the most traumatic 2 months of my life, I'm still here and getting you guys what you want! Its amazing what you can bounce back from with the right attitude.

Due to my divorce, I sold my E36 5.0 on eBay. The new owners are crazy about it. It's a husband and wife, and the wife grew up racing cars on dirt tracks and stuff. She has called me several times to tell me how much she loves it.

I still have all parts in stock, and I am working on writing the E30 swap manual. (Rewriting actually - hard drive crash erased the last one) I also have a bunch of E36 shift rods made up, I just need to add links for the shopping cart.

I have sent a ton of parts out, all over the world. I sure wish you guys wouldn't leave us all hangin' and SEND US YOUR DAMN PICTURES LOL!

Thanks again folks and if you need anything from me, just let me know!