Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Facebook page more active than this blog

Since I've created the Facebook page, it's much more interactive than this blog. It's alot easier for people to comment/discuss stuff, and easier to post pics. Check it out here:


  1. Hey Matt, when are u going to have the 5.0 conversion manual ready for e30? I would like to purchase everything together. Thanks

    1. I don't like the vortech look do you know what engine do i buy to get the look of tim's trickflow package in his e36 I want to do this in a e30 through any help would be appreciated

  2. I'm thinking I'll be done in a month. Thank you and please check back! I'm super excited about this one and trying to make it as detailed and clear as possible.

  3. i've a question for you guys ... there are 2 motor mounts in the kit or only one ? .....